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Welcome to http://www.robotdogguide.com where we will examine the new Zoomer robotic toy that was released in 2013. Zoomer is the best robotic dog that has been released to date. It really leaves those prior robot dogs in the dust.

Now, before we examine the features that really make Zoomer tick, I want to warn you toZoomer-robot-dog get this toy early. It was picked as a top toy by various businesses which means that it could sell out if you do not order early.

Now onto the Zoomer Robot Dog Review.

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Zoomer is perhaps one of the most interesting robot dog toys that has been introduced this year. He is the answer to your child’s constant requests for a pet.  Sure, there have been other robot dog toys, some of them are entertaining but none of them can compare to Zoomer. Just take a look for yourself and you will see why Zoomer is the ultimate robot dog.

Zoomer Is Realistic

The company that made Zoomer, Spin Master, succeeded in making him realistic. He moves like a real dog and he responds like a real dog. He can even learn like a real dog. In fact, you have to train him. Yes, you have to train Zoomer just like you train a real dog. It might sound funny to spend time training a toy puppy, but I think it provides a great learning opportunity for children. In this case, Zoomer can learn more than thirty commands.

How Can Kids Learn To Train Zoomer?

In this high tech age, it is no surprise that this robotic dog has an app. Yes, rather than reading boring instructions written on regular paper, your child simply has to download an app. The app is available on the most popular platforms including Android and iOS. For those of you that do not know, this means it will work on popular phones that run Android (like Samsung Galaxy), platforms (like Kindle fire), and all Mac devices (like iPhone and iPad).

How Does Zoomer  Respond To Your Voice Commands?

Zoomer learns by training. Much like a real puppy, he is able to learn more over time. When you want to train him, you turn him on (make sure you pick the right language), and tap his head. Then you issue the command. If you have trained him to respond to that command, he will do as you asked. However, if he does not understand the command you will notice that he has an X in his eyes and he will not complete your command.

Zoomer Understands Commands and Multiple Languages

When I had a dog, I taught him commands in both English and Spanish. I did this because there were so many people in the house that they often shouted commands at the same time. However, since I am the only one that speaks Spanish, I knew that he would be able to obey my commands without being confused.

Why is it important that Zoomer can understand multiple languages? Well, besides the fact that he can be used by people who speak different languages, it provides a great opportunity for kids to practice multiple languages.

Zoomer is able to understand English Spanish and French. You get to choose which language you want to use when you turn him on.

Zoomer Maintenance: Is Zoomer Hard To Maintain?

Zoomer, the robotic puppy, is probably the best pet that you will ever have. You do not have to feed him, or walk him, or bathe him. However, there are a few things that you need to do in order to make sure that he continues to work for your kiddos.

The first thing is to make sure that you charge him. Gratefully, he does not require batteries (SpinMaster, really thought about the parents on this one). Zoomer uses a USB cable. He does not take a long time to charge but you want to make sure that he is charged when your child is ready to play. It takes one hour to fully charge Zoomer. When he is fully charged he will last around thirty minutes. This is usually a sufficient time for the attention span of most kids.

The second thing you need to know is that, like most electronics, you do not want to get Zoomer wet. Do not immerse him in water, or encourage him to drink it.

Zoomer Is Able To Adapt To Your Living Environment

Another feature that I adore about Zoomer is his ability to sufficiently navigate in any environment. He can walk around the room regardless of whether it is carpet or hardwood. Due to his advanced infrared tech sensor system, he is able avoid hitting objects and recognize some of your actions.

Zoomer is one of the most popular toys of the season because he is a parent’s dream pet. If your child has been requesting a pet, this is the one that you want to get.

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