Electronic Dogs are Good For Boys and Girls

If you have a lot of children on your list it can be a bit difficult to pick a toy that is gender neutral. If you have to buy for some nieces and nephews, you might want to buy the same toy for all of the kids. Giving the same gift can make it easy on the gift giver.

Electronic Dogs Are Great For All Kids

Right now there is a big debate going on about whether you should give toys to girls or boys based on their gender. Do you want to get the kids in your life without worrying about the implications of the gender?

Why is an electronic dog the answer? Well for one reason, electronic dogs are one of those entertaining toys that a kid can play with got hours. Both little girls and boys are interested in owning pets. It is not contingent on gender.

Most of the children that I know love animals. They all want pets and would love to receive one as a gift. This is part of the reason that Zoomer and electronic dogs are so popular as gifts.

What can an electronic dog do?

Electronic dogs, like other toys, are only limited by your imagination. I know, I know. While that is true, there are some actual limitations on electronic toys.

Since Zoomer is one of the most popular dogs right now, I will use him as an example. I think he is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a gift for a boy or girl.

Zoomer is designed to be trained by the owner. This means that he has the capability to do a lot of things, but he will only actually do the things he is trained to do.

Training him is easy. You just download the app for your iPad, IPhone or android, and learn how to train him. Then once you learn how to train him, you teach him the commands that you want him to perform.

Once Zoomer has been trained he can perform more than twenty commands. Remember that you have to train him to do every command that you want him to perform. Zoomer’s commands are pretty extensive for a electronic.

The best part of the training is that kids can train the pet themselves. I think it teaches them responsibility and about the learning process in general.

Zoomer can do some pretty interesting things like roll over, play, and speak. Once you get him home you will be amazed at the other things he can do.

What Age Is Zoomer Appropriate For?

Zoomer is appropriate for children that are five years old and older. He is the type of toy that requires an attention span of a school age kid.

Most kids will get a kick out of him. Plus, if you have a kid who wants a pet (or you are buying a gift for one), it can be one of the best ways to teach kids responsibility before they get a pet.

If you want to get an electronic dog for the kids in your life, read my review about Zoomer, the robotic dog.

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