Frequently Asked Questions About Zoomer

If you are considering Zoomer, you probably have some questions about the popular toy that you want answered. After receiving a few questions about Zoomer, I decided to compile a frequently asked questions about Zoomer page so that you can quickly find out information about Zoomer without having to look around too much. I hope your answer is on this page. If it is not, feel free to send me a question through the comment box. I look forward to speaking with you and I hope you get Zoomer soon!

By far, one of the most popular questions that I have received is HOW DO YOU CHARGE ZOOMER?

Charging Zoomer is really easy. All you have to do is use a USB chord to charge him. If you have a smart phone (like an iPhone or an Android device), you are probably familiar with a USB cable. Basically a cable with a specially designed attachment attaches to Zoomer and attaches to a computer or a wall charger that has a USB attachment.

So, in a nutshell, you do not need a computer in order to charge Zoomer, but you do need a wall charger that has a USB adapter. If you do not have one already, you can get one for relatively cheap on Amazon. Here is one that I think is pretty nice:

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If you get this particular adapter, you all you have to do is plug in the USB from Zoomer into the wall adapter. It is easy and simple to do as well.

Another question that I get is WHAT COLORS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ZOOMER?

I devoted a whole page to the different colors that you can get Zoomer in. Basically, Zoomer comes in black and white, black and white with a purple hoodie, and Purple. My favorite one is the purple Zoomer. You can read more about Zoomers colors here.

The third question I  often get asked is HOW DO YOU TRAIN ZOOMER?

Zoomer is an extremely interactive toy. Basically, this means that children will be able to teach him tricks and he will perform them on command. Once you get Zoomer home, you will be able to go to the app or the site to learn how to train him. The best part is that you get to watch how to train him rather than read about it.

Zoomer can learn a wide number of commands and he will perform them for you without much trouble. I like the fact that Zoomer is one of those toys that is easy to play with. Basically, kids will not have to have too much help with their parents, once they learn how to train him. If you want to know more about how to train Zoomer and the commands he can perform you can see my other pages on this site.

Now that you know the answers to most of the frequently asked questions, I am sure you want to get Zoomer before he sells out for the holidays. Click below to get Zoomer at the best price available online.

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