Zoomer’s Commands: What Are The Commands Zoomer The Robotic Toy Dog Can Follow

In case you do not know, Zoomer is one of the most popular toys that is currently on the market. It was recently released and is touted as the most interactive robotic toy dog currently available. IF you are in a hurry and want to get Zoomer right now click here.

Zoomer’s Command Review

Zoomer has the capability to learn more than thirty commands. Yes, you read that right at least thirty commands. That is enough commands to entertain any kid.

What Commands Can Zoomer follow?

SpinMaster has tried their hardest to make sure that Zoomer the robotic dog is just like a regular dog. Don’t believe me? Look at some of the things Zoomer can do. He can:


Roll over

Go for a walk



Go pee

Look at You

Lay Down

Follow You

Those are just some of the basic commands that Zoomer can learn. After you train Zoomer, you simple touch his head and give him the command. He will immediately respond. If he knows the command he will do it. If he does not know the command, you will see X’s on his eyes and then you can try to give the command again.

Isn’t this simply amazing? This is a little robotic dog that is reacting to your voice.  But that is not all. The sensors on his chest also allow him to react to the things around him. This makes him more than a voice toy. If you don’t want to command him, you can also push the back button.

It helps you learn when he doesn’t understand by showing the x’s on his eyes.

Does he act like a real dog?

Yes, yes he does. Zoomer is as close to a real dog as you can get. He likes to be petted and given treats. His movements mimic those of a real dog (although we can’t ignore the fact that he is a robot). I think the best part is his wagging tail. He wags it when you pet him or tell him to play.

Although I reviewed a list of the most popular commands that are used for Zoomer the dog, I have three commands that are my favorites. They are listed and described below:

Zoomer, play dead

When you say Zoomer, play dead, Zoomer will actually fall over and play dead. It is funny how he falls over because it happens usuall with his back legs first and then with his front legs.

Zoomer, Go To Sleep

When you tell Zoomer to go to sleep, he becomes very animated. You see his eyes which are usually blank become eyeballs. Then you see his eyelids close and then his eyes close. When he goes to sleep, he actually snores. As the owner of a dog who actually snored, I thought this was hilarious.

Zoomer, I love You

Perhaps the best command is Zoomer, I love you. When you say that, Zoomer’s eyes show hearts and he appears to be showing affection back to you. Children love to tell their toys that they love them so I think this is one of those commands that will really touch the hearts of children.

With the sheer amount of commands that Zoomer can perform, and his efficiency at performing those commands, it is obvious that Zoomer is a great value.

If your kids want a pet make sure that you pick it up here.


4 thoughts on “Zoomer’s Commands: What Are The Commands Zoomer The Robotic Toy Dog Can Follow

  1. Chamik Faulkner

    I have been contemplating on buying this for my 4 year old who wants a pet. My mother cannot stand any animal for what ever reason. This has helped me make my decision. Thank you.

    1. Alex Post author

      I am so glad that I was able to help you! There are also some new Zoomer pets that are out this year. I will review them soon.


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